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Looking for some quality electrical equipment, sourced from all over the world to suit your needs and delivered directly to your doorstep in St Petersburg or elsewhere in Russia? Then we can help! Whether itТs a historical, commercial or industrial building Ц here, at Electrodistribute, we have experience of working with and finding the perfect solution for clients just like you.

We deliver and install high quality commutation equipment, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, Сflexible officeТ systems, wiring devices and cable profiles, distribution boards and switches, copper busbar, lightning and surge protection systems.
Electrodustribut is an official distributer for German brands HAGER GROUP and DEHN + SOHNE Gmbh, French SOCOMEC S.A. and American Eaton.† We also offer and deliver electrical equipment from other leading manufacturers, such as ABB, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Legrand, Moeller, OEZ, Wago, Rittal, etc.

Why Electrodustribute?

  • Well-qualified, experienced and friendly staff
  • Equipment directly from manufacturers
  • Large range of products are available for immediate dispatch and delivery from our warehouse in† St. Petersburg
  • Flexible price policy
  • Fast and reliable delivery
  • Product consultations, demonstration and training available
  • We offer a wide range of

    • Copper busbars, including flexible bars, and accessories from manufacturers such as MKM (Germany), Luvata (Finland), VBS (Serbia), Socomec (France) and ERICO (USA)
    • Modular devices, distribution boards, protection devices (Hager)
    • Wiring devices and accessories suitable for domestic, commercial or industrial environments (Polo)
    • Electrical wiring ducts, electrical skirting boards and cable profiles (Hager)
    • Air circuit breakers (TemPower) and moulded case circuit breakers (TemBreak) from Terasaki
    • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, commutation systems and electrical switchgear equipment (Socomec S.A.)
    • Surge and lightning protection systems as well as safety equipment for people working with electrical systems (DEHN + SOHNE, Germany) and
    • A full spectrum of equipment from ABB, Eaton, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Legrand, Moeller, OEZ, Wago, Rittal.

We offer quality and good value for money!

Free delivery in St Petersburg and Leningrad, Novgorod and Pskov regions.

Introducing our company (rus)

tel./fax.:   +7 (812) 333 - 18 - 61
tel./fax.:   +7 (812) 635 - 50 - 19
"ElectroDistribute"  LLC Russia,
Office: office 520, house 6 Oktiabrskaya nab., St. Petersburg